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Aslı Torcu (Konya, 1981) lives and works in Paris. Having completed her education at the Painting Department of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul and completing her master degree at the Université Paris VIII and he finished her PhD at the same university in Paris where she is teaching. She had her first solo exhibition “Reminiscence” at Galeri Zilberman in 2012, Istanbul. Her work is in the collection of Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and also several collections like Eczacibasi, Ozyegin, Sabanci, Elgiz etc.

"The act of creation is the action of translating the multi- diverse inner speech into a new language. Within this order, it seems to me that, memory forms the foundation of this universe. I often work with vernacular type photographic documents. Based on figurative (or non-figurative) data, in my works intersecting with the images appearing and disappearing along the creation process, the colour undertakes its function of creating a dream atmosphere triggered by affect, a continuously transforming space for remembering. Rendering visible this atmosphere that penetrates into the depths of creative thought is what I am seeking. The stakes of my painting also consist in working the figure and the depth in transparency, in the flat tints of color, the layers blind, the matter, the feature, with the goal to touch a balance, a commonplace between my for interior and my thought."

Photo: Fernanda Tafner

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